It pays to be a VIP!

Why? Because ONLY VIPs -- people like you who subscribe to our newsletters -- have this secret access to our weekly Win Cash "Cues to Call" during the month of November. That means only VIPs like you can see this article, for example.

And you could win $1,000 by knowing when to be the 25th nationwide caller at 877-854-9467 during the month of November (November 1-30), twice weekdays, during our Cue to Call. Only by being a VIP and subscribing to our newsletter, which is filled with tons of great stories, concert pre-sales and other goodies, do you have the exact Cue to Call times.

VIP subscribers know the exact time to call in to the radio station and be the 25th nationwide caller. But the best part is that you'll already know when that cue will take place.

It pays to be a VIP!

Here are your Cue to Call times for Nov. 28-30, 2016

So listen to the radio and wait until you hear the cue to call and then call us at 877-854-9467 and be the 25th nationwide caller! That's 877-854-(WINS). Good luck!

Monday, November 28:  11:06 and 16:36

Tuesday, November 29:  08:06 and 14:36

Wednesday, November 30: 10:06 and 17:36

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