'Hobbs Helping Hand Contest' Continues in 2021
We've been enjoying helping out so much that we just can't stop! The Eagle and our friends at Hobbs Manufactured Homes love helping in the Hobbs Helping Hand contest.  Do you know someone that needs a little help? May they just never get that chance to do something for themselves? The…
You Can See 8 Great Bands This Weekend in Texarkana
Did you know that there are over ten different places you can see great live music in Texarkana? From country to rock and some great acoustic acts you will find it all in our town. Here is a listing of the music in Texarkana this weekend.
She Named My Snoring – Jim Weaver Shares Too Much
Seriously, I know I'm overweight, I also know that if I lost that weight the snoring problem might just cure itself. But let's be real, this belly took a long time to get here, it's not going away quickly, and when it's gone that may not necessarily take care of the problem. So, …

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