What would you do with $1,000? How about $10,000?  You still have time to win lots of cold hard cash, but time is running out.

Think about it! Two chances each weekday though the month of May to win $1,000!

Just keep listening for the cue to call. When you hear it be the 25th nationwide caller at 1-877-854-9467 and you'll be a thousand dollars richer! So start thinking about what you would do with a grand and we hope it won't be spent on bills.

Just a little reminder that there won't be a contest on Memorial Day because we want to spend time with our families, too.

If you've been wondering when we're gonna play the next cue to call all you have to do is sign up to receive our newsletter at kygl.com and we'll email you exactly when to listen every week. We figure if you know what time to listen, then you have a better chance to win. Right?

Sign up to be an Eagle VIP and then you can enter to win $10,000 cash.


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