win cash

What would you do with $1,000? How about $10,000?  You still have time to win lots of cold hard cash, but time is running out.
Want To Win Free Money?
The Eagle wants you to WIN CASH!  Every weekday in the month of May you have two chances to win $1,000, and in the Eagle Rewards Club you could win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!
VIP Rewards Member Wins $10,000
Congratulations to VIP Reward Club Member Jade Peterson! Jade has been listening to the radio and entering her reward points throughout the month of November for her chance to WIN. And today it paid off, Jade WINS CASH and lots of it, $10,000... that's TEN GRAND to spend however she wants... (Christmas shopping....Shhhh!)
Your Chance to Win $10,000 Cash!
Each weekday during the month of November we're giving you the chance to win cash! All you have to do is listen for the cue to call and you could be the winner of $1,000 or TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ON THURSDAYS! When you hear the Q 2 CALL, be the 25th nationwide caller to 1-877-854-9467 and win that day's cash prize...