UPDATE: I wanted to give everyone an update on the efforts to end the twice a year clock changing ritual in the state of Texas. The idea is to end daylight savings time and stay on standard time year round.State Representative Dan Flynn filed the bill in the Texas Legislature. It was heard earlier in the month of March. It will be discussed and voted on a second time on Wednesday, April 8. If it passes in the committee it will go the floor of the full Texas House for consideration.

I don't get excited these days about political bill filing but this one gives me hope and encouragement.

Think about it. Now, clocks change twice a year for no reason. Daylight Savings time was started the first time during World War I, almost a century ago. It's initial purpose was to save energy during war times. Although it's unclear that it actually does save energy, that is the reason why the government has instituted the clock change.

Most people who like Daylight Savings don't cite the energy savings but say they like the extra daylight in the evenings. The problem with that argument is that during the summer it does not get dark until after eight in the evening even if we did not have daylight savings time. Do we really need another hour of the heat and summer sunshine? My opinion is a resounding "NO!"

My suggestion for everyone who would love to end Daylight Savings Time is to contact Representative Flynn on his website and tell him you support the idea. Also, contact a member of the committee who will be voting on the issue at the website  http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/committee/.

Also, you should contact Rep. Gary VanDeaver, who is our state representative for Northeast Texas. Also, contact State Sen. Kevin Eltife, email Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and contact Governor Greg Abbott as well.

Maybe, just maybe, we could start the ball rolling on making this out of date, useless clock-changing ritual a thing of the past.

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