I don't usually tell people how to vote, normally I just let people know how I feel about political subjects and leanings. However, in this case, I am a resident of the Great State of Texas and I don't ever want to have my income taxed in this State. If you feel the same as I do and you're planning on voting tomorrow watch out, on Prop 4 the wording is a little tricky.

If you read the Prop 4 question on the ballot, it's not that hard to realize that if you don't want an income tax in Texas, ever, then you would vote "yes" for this Proposition. The confusion is in the perception of the question, "Do I want an income tax in Texas, heck no." So you might check inadvertently check the No box because it reads wrong in your mind. Voting "Yes" means you are voting for a State Constitutional Amendment that basically says state legislators cannot pass an income tax in Texas, ever.

I think the rest of the Propositions are pretty straight forward in what they say but I still have some reading to do myself, luckily my wife found a great resource for what's on the ballot through BallotPedia.org. This site gives the reading of the Props, and who in the State government is supporting them. That should help you make your own decision on which box you would like to check for each one.

I know this isn't a big election day, but we all need to pay attention and stay on top of it to keep the evildoers at bay.


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