My son Tyler and I recently had the chance to try out Five Guys in the Metroplex, I wish we had gone to Jack-In-The-Box, not because Five-Guys food was bad, however, there was an issue that I didn't anticipate.

Price! Holy Credit Cards Batman, have you seen their prices?

Other than that I have no real complaints about Five Guys, the food (burgers) were delicious, the single, which I had was very filling, my son had the double which was enough to put you to sleep. The fries were very good and they tossed many extra fries in the bag, nice. We also had chocolate shakes and they were fantastic as well.

Five Guys - 2 meals - JimWeaver

The service was cheerful and helpful except for the girl who was supposed to make our shakes, she disappeared and someone else had to step up and finish our order, that was odd. So our drinks were slower getting to us than they should have been. Not a huge deal but slightly annoying.

Five Guys - fries in the bag - JimWeaver

But here's the rub, everything you order at Five Guys is a la carte, you order the burger, fries and drink separately. Our order consisted of a Bacon Cheeseburger (double meat), a Little Bacon Cheeseburger (single meat), two small fries, and two chocolate shakes. That's it. The total was $36!

Five Guys - menu - JimWeaver

It took a moment, but after my heart restarted I went ahead and paid it because we have always heard how great these burgers were going to be and we did want the full experience. This location, by the way, is in the Galleria in North Dallas, maybe that affects their prices, I don't know.

Five Guys - line - JimWeaver

The reason I say "I wish we had gone to Jack-In-The-Box is simple, the same kind of order would have been roughly half the price and tasted just as good in my opinion. I hear people say all the time they wish we had a Five Guys here in Texarkana, well there are two of them in Shreveport, one in Longview and several of them in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, have a ball. In my opinion, their menu is way overpriced for what you get. Five Guys is very good, but personally, I'd rather have a Jack-In-the-Box.