The Christmas season is underway! I've been seeing a lot of people posting pictures of their Christmas trees on Facebook and Oh, how pretty they are! But, now it's time for the BIG question! Do you have a real tree or artificial?

People take this question seriously. The question is almost equivalent to asking if you're a dog or cat person!

Did you know that last year 25 million real Christmas trees were sold in America? The number of artificial trees that were bought was 10 million. Of, course people don't have to  buy a new fake tree every year. I have an artificial tree...there, I admit it. I've had mine for almost 10 years and I love it!

I used to only buy real Christmas trees and thought buying a fake one was just wrong! Until, I developed allergies! So, I figured if I'm going to get a fake one it better look real. I hunted and hunted the stores until I found the perfect one.
It's a personal preference and yes there is nothing like a real Christmas tree, but the convenience of an artificial tree is really nice too :)

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