Christmas trees

Do you have your Christmas tree yet? If it's artificial, then chances are you have yours up by now, but if you love to have a real Christmas tree, then it's just about time to get yours.
It’s All About Christmas Trees! Real or Fake?
It's the age old question for Christmas.  Fake or Real? I found this bIog that I wrote last year and the feeling still holds true although I must admit this year I turned into a grinch trying to repair practically all the lights on my "pre-lit" artificial Christmas tree. Grrr! Maybe it's time to invest in a new one.
10 Extreme Christmas Trees
Most people are familiar with the massive, and very impressive, Christmas tree that graces New York City’s Rockefeller Center every year. This tree has come to symbolize the holiday season for millions of people, and is something of national icon, appearing as a backdrop in countless movies and television specials.
The Christmas season is underway! I've been seeing a lot of people posting pictures of their Christmas trees on Facebook and Oh, how pretty they are! But, now it's time for the BIG question! Do you have a real tree or artificial?