Do you have your Christmas tree yet? If it's artificial, then chances are you have yours up by now, but if you love to have a real Christmas tree, then it's just about time to get yours.

No one wants to get a real Christmas tree too early. Otherwise it'll just be a big, dry, brown, needles all on the floor, fire hazard kinda tree by Christmas day.

I'm not seeing the good ol' Christmas tree lots that used to pop up on busy street corners like they use to.

Some of the best places to get a real Christmas tree are:

Both of these places have beautiful trees at pretty good prices but if you're looking for something a bit more old fashioned and a bit of an event ... then:

3. Evergreen Christmas Tree Farm -  located at 6702 Richmond Road in Texarkana, Texas. You can pick out your tree and they'll cut it for you. They are open everyday, but they do suggest you to call before you go there. For more information call 903) 278-3457.

There's got to be more places to get a real tree. Let us know if you see other places and and we'll add it the list.

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