It's the age old question for Christmas.  Fake or Real? I found this bIog that I wrote last year and the feeling still holds true although I must admit this year I turned into a grinch trying to repair practically all the lights on my "pre-lit" artificial Christmas tree. Grrr! Maybe it's time to invest in a new one.

Here's what I wrote last year:

I grew up with real Christmas trees, but about 10 years ago my husband talked me into an artificial tree.

I was hesitant to get a fake tree, but with my allergies, I knew it was the best thing to do.

Now, I think it's great! I don't have to bother my husband trying to plan a day to go get a tree! I also don't have to worry about us lugging tree into the house and knocking things off tables to get the dang thing in the house! I also don't have to worry about the tree getting to dry and being a fire hazard! Yep! Safe to say...I love my artificial Christmas Tree!

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