Just about everyone has their Christmas tree up now. The age-old question and always a debate is which type of tree do you put up? Real or Fake?

There are pros and cons to each.

The tradition of going out and picking out a Christmas tree brings back wonderful childhood memories for me.  A 'Real' tree always smells so good! But, the can also be messy, dry out too fast and some people even have allergies to the trees.

On the other hand with an artificial tree, grabbing the 'box' out of a closet might not bring to mind any great childhood memories but it sure makes setting it up easy. Plus you can keep it up longer with no worries that it will dry out and the floor will be covered with pine needles. Unfortunately, you might have to spend some big money to get an artificial tree that looks real.

What do you have? I grew up with real trees but as an adult, I found I had some allergies to real Christmas trees. I made the switch to an artificial years ago and actually I love mine!

Take our poll below and let us know what you have!

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