Texarkana UFO’s? Latest UFO Updates!
Houston, we have a problem... Pentagon, we have a problem, World, we still have a problem. Everyone knows that there's much more to the UFO phenomenon than the Government is willing to admit, the problem is what and why? Over 60% of us believe that UFOs are real so when will the Government let …
Omens In The Sky – Lecture Series At Texarkana College March 6
Today when we see a phenomenon in the sky like a lunar or solar eclipse, we know what's happening and just how amazing it is. Can you imagine what went through the minds of our ancestors when these events happened in the distant past? What did they think was happening back in the days when they…
UFO's in Texarkana?
You know me and UFO's, I'm a believer, however, I have never seen one myself. I sure wish I would though. Well, DID YOU KNOW... there have been at least three sightings in and around Texarkana? We have the reports for you here.
Texarkana has grown over the years. Just think about all the stores, restaurants and businesses that have made Texarkana their home. I know lately there have been some businesses that have left the area but it has really grown for the most part.
Celestial Trifecta
If you happen to be out under the stars this weekend, you might want to look up and hope for clear skies, because starting Friday night, under a full moon, things are going to be happening.

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