Houston, we have a problem... Pentagon, we have a problem, World, we still have a problem. Everyone knows that there's much more to the UFO phenomenon than the Government is willing to admit, the problem is what and why? Over 60% of us believe that UFOs are real so when will the Government let us all in on their little secret? Maybe sooner than you think.

Last year, the videos you see below were released by the Defense Department, on purpose or not, and they admitted that they do not know what these craft in the video are or where they come from. They are clearly flying craft, seen up close by some of our top Aviators in the US Navy. They saw them, they chased them, and then they got left behind abruptly at speeds that nothing we have can achieve. These pilots have been on numerous programs relaying their stories for over a year now, so what gives? Where's the full disclosure?

In the early part of last year, a Department of Defense official admitted that we (read: United States of America), have in our possession "vehicles that were not made on this Earth." Unless we, humans, made them somewhere off this planet that would mean that we, humans, didn't make them. So who did? What happened to the follow-up on that story? Like a lot of things, I think COVID killed it.

Just so you don't think I've lost my ever-lovin' mind, here are a few links;


Some of you may not realize that in the recent Relief Bill that was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, there was a sneaky little line in it directed to all agencies involved to release to the Senate everything they know about UFOs within 180 days. The clock is ticking.

Last week the CIA dumped 2.2 million pages of documents related to UFO investigations. Even though it may take a while to go through it all, every interested party is working on it as we speak. You can download and sift through them yourself if you want at TheBlackVault.com.

I believe we are right on the edge of learning a great deal about the UFO phenomenon that began with a supposed "weather balloon" crash in 1947.

Are you ready to know the truth? For me the answer is DUH!

For many though, it messes with their head and their religion. In my humble opinion, one revelation does not cancel out the other. God already proved he has created other beings, they're called Angels. So why could he not have created other beings and worlds elsewhere in the vast Universe? Sure, it creates more questions and complicates the known answers we have, but that's ok, we can handle complex answers. I just want the truth.... and oh yes, it's out there.

Did you see something in the sky in 2020 that you couldn't figure out what it was? Many of your neighbors did. Here are the reports you can check out right now from people just like you:

If you have a sighting or other experience to report, go to the National UFO Reporting Center website. The Mutual UFO Network is another great place to report sightings and encounters, however, you have to be a paid member to utilize their research.

Happy hunting!

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