Have you been getting strange text messages from Amazon? I don't mean the ones that say your order is on the way or delivered. I'm talking about the texts that are saying you have 'Amazon Rewards Credit'

I've been getting a ton of them and luckily I haven't clicked on the link, because it is a scam! If it's too good to be true then chances are it is and you need to stay away.

It seems the scammers have been at it for a while, according to the Better Business Bureau:

In 2020, BBB received 771 reports of scams impersonating Amazon; it was the second most-impostored brand (after the Social Security Administration) based on consumer reports to BBB Scam Tracker. However, scammers are also sending similar texts impersonating other popular brands like Netflix, where they ask for your password, username, or a payment method. Regardless of who they pretend to be, consumers should not reply or click on the link.

One thing to be aware of and to avoid getting scammed is to know the classic signs of a scam. Not only will it have an unusual-looking link it will usually promise a gift or reward.You can find out more of the classic things to look for at the BBB website.

If you feel like you have received one of these text messages you can report it to Amazon. Amazon will never ask you for your Amazon password, credit card or bank account number.

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