Did you have damage to your home during the big winter storm back in February? Did you know you might be able to get help from FEMA? FEMA is making it super easy to see if they can help you by conducting virtual home inspections.

According to their website: After you apply for FEMA assistance, uninsured or underinsured Texans might be contacted to schedule a virtual home inspection for applicants who reported that their home is not safe, sanitary or functional.

Applicants who self-reported during registration that they received minimal damage and can live in their homes will not automatically be scheduled for a home inspection. Instead, they will receive a letter from FEMA explaining that they may call the FEMA helpline at 800-621-3362 (TTY: 800-462-7585) to request an inspection if they find significant disaster-caused damage to their home after they applied.

What to Expect During a Virtual Inspection

Inspectors will initiate the virtual inspection process by contacting the applicant via the telephone numbers listed in the application. The inspector will ask the applicant if they would like to perform the inspection and in many cases be able to offer it via video streaming using Apple FaceTime or Zoom Video Communications. Inspectors are trained to help the applicant with downloading and/or signing-up to Zoom Video if necessary.

During the inspection applicants will be asked questions about the type and extent of damage sustained. During the video streaming, the applicant will have the opportunity to show the inspector their areas of concern such as roof, windows, floor, ceiling, basements, access points, habitability, rooms, furniture, appliances, Americans with Disabilities Act items (such as ramps and grab bars), etc.

  • A video assessment can be combined with an exterior-only inspection, when necessary.

For more information on the process, please watch the video below to see what to expect. Check out the video below too!

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