It's a new year and wouldn't it be wonderful to see a little snow? There's a chance of snow this weekend in the Texarkana area.

It might just be a small chance and of course, it's not totally official just yet. Anything can happen with the weather in our area, but the National Weather Service is calling for a 20% chance of snow on Saturday night, the low should be about 33 degrees and that is the perfect temperature for snow! Then Sunday there is a 30% chance of snow during the day and 20% Sunday night. If we do see snow it won't stick around very long as Monday's high will be in the mid 40's.

I know that's not a big chance but it is the first snow forecast of the year and since we haven't seen any snow in our area for a few years, I think we are due for some of that pretty frosty white snow! Hey even KSLA News on their Facebook page is saying we might see snow!


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