My fur babies ARE my babies. So, it did not surprise me at all to watch this woman instinctively jump into the frozen water to rescue her baby.A Tennessee woman, Jennie Tatum, gave no thought to jumping into her frozen over pool to save her sweet Sid. Sid and his brother were playing around in the back yard in the   when Sid slipped into the family pool. My heart sank when he went in because literally Sid never came up again until Tatum was able to get him out.

Tatum jumped feet first into her freezing pool when she saw Sid fall in. She moved swiftly through the pool of 2-inch thick ice breaking it up. She then hops out of the pool, runs around to the side for a better view when she spots him.  She then jumps back in pull, grabs him and pulls out her 50-pound barely conscious baby.

It was pure adrenaline. I didn't think about being cold, Tatum told WYFF 4

Sid was submerged for over 60 seconds. As a fur babymama, myself, I know that 60 seconds seemed like sixty minutes.

Below you can check out the video for yourself... Just heartwarming. 

Sid is doing well, but I don't see Sid doing much swimming this summer.

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