So, Texarkana finally got some snow not a light dusting but a real snowfall. Many reports are saying we received anywhere between 6-8 inches depending on where you live. Now it's time for kids to have a little fun. Did you know there are several other snow activities that you can do besides building a snowman?

According to the website HandsOnWeGrow, there are lots of fun and easy things to do alone or with your family.

Sledding - All you need is some cardboard flattened out and a small hill and you're good to go.

Snow Fort - Using a brick mold builder on Amazon you can build a very cool fort just make sure the walls are tightly packed.

Snow Maze - Kids can make a snow maze in the driveway, sidewalk, by using a shovel.

Footprint Fun - Besides your own have kids look for other prints in the snow such as animal prints, squirrels, deer, rabbits, etc. Take pictures and see if you can identify what they are.

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Snow Angel - Get the whole family together and lay down in the snow to make a snow angel family and take pictures to post on social media.

Colorful Snow - It's a way for you to be creative and Paint the snow. And no, I am not talking about about making yellow snow.

Snowball Fight - Set up some type of snowball target and let the kids see if they can hit the target besides hitting you.

Make a Snowman or Snowwoman - Using twigs for arms, rocks for eyes or buttons, a scarf, and a hat. Make sure you give your creation a name besides Frosty or Olaf!

Here's how to build that perfect snowman.

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