Happy International Cat Day
Today (August 8) is International Cat Day and it's well deserved. Cats, at times, take a back seat to dogs. Today we raise awareness for felines all around the world and celebrate how awesome cats are! Humans and cats have a unique relationship that goes back 8 to 10 thousand years. Ancien…
What to if There is an Active Shooter - Run, Hide, Fight
Last weekend's shootings were scary to watch unfold on the news. Do you know what to do if you were in that situation?  It's a horrible thought to think, but if we all think about it just a few seconds a day, we might be able to react faster and save more lives.  There is a great…
Thursday, August 1 Is 'World Scout Scarf Day' - Wear It!
I don't know what the numbers are area-wide, state-wide, or even nation-wide much less world-wide, but I do know there have been millions of Scouts over the last 100 years or so. Will we see 100's of neckers on World Scout Scarf Day Thursday, August 1 here in the Ark-La-Tex? Thousands? Or …
The Rondo Cemetery Could Use Your Help
I received a note from Melanie Cain, the new Secretary for the RCA, the Rondo Cemetery Association, a couple of days ago letting me know that the Rondo Cemetery is in need of some donations to get it trimmed up and looking good for summer. Your help is needed and matching funds are available.
5 Pet Safety Tips For 4th of July Celebrations
We all love our pets, they're family, right? Fourth of July celebrations will be taking place over the next week, here are some tips to keep your furbabies safe and not too stressed out. I've heard more animals get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.
2019 'Senior Expo' Is This Friday, June 7
Who's ready to have some fun, win some prizes and get up to date on all things Senior? This is it, this Friday, June 7 from 9 AM until noon, it's the 2019 Senior Expo at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center. You can't miss this.

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