It's January. Usually, we have it pretty cold in January in our area, but not so much this year. As I type this, our high today will be close to 70. Will we see any snow this winter?

I decided to take a look back at some of the long-range forecasts that we got back in October for the winter months here in our area. Looks like the predictions from the National Weather Service and from the Old Farmers Almanac have been pretty accurate, in fact very accurate! Both were predicting a warmer and wetter winter for Texas and Arkansas. Yuck.

If it's going to be warm and wet then let' just skip winter this year and head on over to spring and summer as fast as possible. I mean really what's the point of winter if there isn't even a little glimmer of hope for a snow day?

Do you think we still have a chance to see some snow this winter?


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