Ah, technology. We are addicted. According to a new survey, we'll give up just about anything to have WiFi.

The survey from Intripid Travel also found going 16 hours without our phone makes most of us miserable. Our phones better be within an arm's reach of us and if we had to choose between friends and WiFi . . . WiFi just might win. Now that's a little scary. The study also said that a lot of people actually go to some places so they can take pictures and make themselves look better on social media. What?

The DailyMail  reported:

In exchange for having service or WiFi for a month, Americans said they would give up many beloved items, including wine, sex, and even friends.

But, many are aware they have a problem, and the 56 percent who reported this also say they would be willing to take the steps to ‘kick’ the habit.

The top things people would give up for WiFi were: alcohol, junk food, exercise, desserts, going out, coffee, sex, music, TV/movies, friends.

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