Dog people have more friends than cat people? That's what a new Facebook study says. The study used "object recognition technology" to look at 160,000 random profiles and their data including pictures and "likes" posted on Facebook.

They came up with some interesting things.

Even though I have cats I was raised with dogs so I kind of consider myself just an animal person. But for this study I would be in the cat people category.

Dog people may have more friends, but cat people get invited to more events.

Alright all jokes aside, cat people are more likely to be single than dog people but it's not a landslide only 30 percent to 24 percent.

Dog people are more excitable and emotional whereas cat people are more moody and a little smug? Whatever.

Cat people like books and indoor actives more than dog people. As for TV shows and movies Cat people lean more toward fantasy and science fiction. While dog people like dramas and stories about dogs. Yeah, I thought that was funny too.

You can check out the rest of the study on Facebook.

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