Great, looks like there is a "new" trend on social media. It's not funny and it's very concerning for any parent or family member with a teenager. The game is called 'The 48 Hour Challenge" where teens are encouraged to 'go missing' for 48 hours.

According to the Daily Mail this has been going on in the U.K. with kids as young as 14 years old suddenly disappearing. The premise of this game is two or more teens go missing and the winner is the one that receives the most social media attention.

But is this all true or is it a hoax? Snopes is reporting it is a hoax that has been circulating since 2015 under the name "72 Hour Challenge." But, checking on my Facebook I have seen quite a few people in town saying their kids know about the 'game' and it's real and it's going on locally.

Real or not, it is making the news. So what do you do? Talk to your kids. Tell them what a seriously bad idea this game is. Not only worrisome to parents and loved ones but if the police get involved in a missing case that isn't really a missing case, it is taking time away from real emergencies. Oh, and could lead to criminal charges.

On the bright side, if it's not true and is just a scary hoax going around, at least you got the chance to sit down and talk with your teenager.

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