The Dragon Boats are back and racing this Saturday, April 21 at Bringle Lake near the TAMUT campus. 

Not only is this a great "family-friendly" event, you need so many people to power a Dragon boat your family has got to be there.  Teams include local businesses, groups and even regional teams racing for Texarkana bragging rights.

The Festival kicks off at 9 AM and should end around 4 PM for a full day of racing fun. So grab the kids and bring your chairs so you will get a great view.

Children's activities and live music are scheduled as well.

Proceeds benefit the Texarkana group HandsOn Texarkana. HandsOn Texarkana is about service to the community through volunteerism. They inspire, equip, and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. The core values of HandsOn Texarkana is that, people drive change, passion overcomes obstacles, service bridges, and bonds, innovation drives results, servant leadership transforms.

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