Emergency Prep Supplies Sales Tax Holiday Coming Up April 27-29
We've all heard, and most likely participated in, the back to school tax holiday weekend each year, but did you know there's a weekend coming up when you can purchase emergency supplies tax-free? It's true, you can purchase certain emergency preparation supplies tax-free during the 2019 Emergency Pr…
Panola County Processing Recalls Sausage Products
Class I Recall 015-2019
Health Risk: High Feb 11, 2019
Panola County Processing, LLC, a Carthage, Texas establishment, is voluntarily recalling approximately 59 pounds of smoked sausage products due to a processing deviation that may have led to underprocessing of products, the U.S. Department of Agri…
Texarkana College Is #1 In The Great State of Texas!
Texarkana College Trustees learned at their board meeting Monday that TC has the highest 3-year full-time student graduation rate of all 50 community colleges in Texas. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) released the information earlier this month as part of an annual statewide ac…

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