The Texarkana Mardi Gras Grand Parade was a fascinating event and I have even more video to show you.

It's great to see this event get bigger and bigger. It's still a young event here in Texarkana, but there is no denying the fun everyone has. The parade's route changed a little bit at the last minute and fortunately it went right in front of Pecan Point Brewery. So with my trusty camera in hand I met my friend Melanie and her husband Eddie downtown. I set the camera up on a tripod and waited for the Grand Parade to begin.

Something you must watch for in the video. A precious, elderly man in jeans and a blue shirt repeatedly shows up throughout the video. At times he walks right in front of my camera. He was enjoying the parade and enjoying collecting beads so much that I just couldn't say, "Hey, buddy, I'm filming Here!"

So, in true Mardi Gras tradition, each time you spot him on the video, take a drink of your favorite beverage and enjoy the show.


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