The Texarkana Area Veterans Council will be hosting its annual Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 13.

Join the Texarkana Area Veterans’ Council for their annual Veterans Day Parade honoring the men and women who serve our nation. This year's parade honors those disabled in service to their country. The parade will be on Saturday, November 13th
11:00 am in downtown Texarkana. The theme this year is:

“Welcome Home Afghanistan Veterans”. So come down and show your support for all of our veterans. Come down and wave your American Flags.

The parade route will begin at East Broad and Hazel Street. It will then proceed down East Broad to Texas Blvd, then up Texas Blvd to 3rd street. The parade will follow 3rd Street to Stateline where it proceeds to 4th Street and then ends at Walnut.

If you would like more information or to if you would like to participate in this year's parade. Please call 870-773-8279 or 877-824-4862 or email

Grab your lawn chair and your flag and come down and show our Texarkana and surrounding area veterans some love.

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