The Four States Fair parade will be held on the first Saturday of the fair as usual, and at the same time as in previous years, but there is a big change in the route. 

The parade will now be held at the Four States Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 10, and will begin to roll at 10AM. Everyone who attends the parade will get free gate admission to the fair for that day.

This marks a major change from previous years.

“Moving the parade to the fairgrounds is an exciting change for us," said Lisa Barr, Chief Operating Officer of the Four States Fair.

"For 19 fairs, I have assisted my Grandmother in lining up the parade, mailing out letters, notices, organizing volunteers and the worst part is we never see it. Now we feel like we are bringing the parade to the fair," she said.

"Participants and spectators alike will be able to enter the fairgrounds at not cost and find a place to set up and watch the parade. Vendors will be set up to serve breakfast. There will be several areas and we will have security and PD that will assist folks in locating spots to watch from. Immediately following the parade the carnival rides will open on the midway. So there won't be any downtime in the fun and we can all have a great day at the fair.”

"We are still working on the finer details of the route, but so far we know that the parade will stage in the Main Parking Lot down by the trees (Closest to UofA) it will go up 50th Street (between Bobby Ferguson Park and Fairgrounds) enter into the fairgrounds at the West Gate, and circle around the midway then loop around and end up in the main parking lot. We will know a little more about the route once our entries close on September 2."

Last year there were more than 100 entries: school floats, bands, cheerleaders, antique cars, Shriners, Miller County Sheriff's Department, fire trucks and many others. If you would like to sign up to be in the parade, online forms are available through the Four States Fair website.

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