Local Blood Donors Needed Due to Hurricane Laura
If you can donate blood then now is the time to step up to the plate. With the potential of bad weather from Hurricane Laura, several LifeShare Centers to the south of us have closed. That means we and our neighbors to the south of us could have a critically low blood supply.
LifeShare Continues its Emergency Appeal to Texarkana
LifeShare Blood Center is continuing its emergency appeal as inventory levels are at historic lows levels. This is the second emergency appeal due to critically low levels. LifeShare is in desperate need of all types of blood and we need community support to reach the demand for hospitals.
Blood Shortage Crisis
LifeShare Blood Center, with the support of several of its hospital partners, is issuing an emergency appeal. Patient care is severely threatened by the inadequate blood supply that the region has been experiencing for several weeks.
Blood Shortage, Stop by These Blood Drives
It seems like everyone has either been sick recently or is getting sick. It's been one heck of a flu season and some people have had strep throat as well. When so many people get sick it means that fewer people are donating blood and that causes a blood shortage.That is exactly what is happenin…
LifeShare Blood Drives For April
LifeShare Blood Center in Texarkana is looking for donations. Did you realize that every two seconds someone is in need of blood? You can help by donating today. It only takes a few minutes and you could be saving a life. Why should you donate blood...
Give the gift of life
Are you a blood donor? LifeShare Blood Center in Texarkana is always out in the community looking for donations. During the holiday season donations tend to be low because everyone is so busy with ...well the holidays. There are a lot of places over the next couple of weeks where you can donate and …