LifeShare’s largest annual blood drive event is going on right now. It started yesterday and will go on today and tomorrow.

Summers are challenging.  According to a press release, blood usage increases and typically donors decrease during summer months.  Summer activities may cause blood donation not to be on one’s summer to do list. Vacation travel means some regular blood donors are simply not in the area to donate.  Yet, the need is constant for individuals who rely on blood therapies to thrive or survive.

The increase in summer actives and travel translates to higher blood usage due to accidents and injuries.  LifeShare encourages everyone who is willing or even just thought about donating to donate during United We Give. The screening process is simple and takes just a few minutes. LifeShare’s goal is to draw 626 units of blood between the Texarkana and Shreveport communities during this event.


Lunch will be provided at the Texarkana blood center located at 4020 Summerhill Road from 11AM to 1:30PM. Blood donors will also receive a United We Give patriotic shirt while supplies last. The center will have extended hours too! Today Friday, June 21 from 8AM - 7PM and tomorrow Saturday, June 22  8AM – 3PM

You can also donate at blood drives around the Texarkana area. To find a blood drive near you just go to

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