So the preliminary results are in on a paint design for the Texarkana Texas Water Tower on I-30, and of the six possible designs two really stand out in the final tabulation.

The public was presented with six options...

Photos via Texarkana Texas
Photos via Texarkana Texas

With 6,152 voters participating, this is how voting in the poll came out...

  1. 4.55% (280)
  2. 7.95% (489)
  3. 6.05% (372)
  4. 4.88% (300)
  5. 37.5% (2,307)
  6. 39% (2,404)

Public opinion looks like #5 and #6 are the favorites, but ultimately the City Council has the final vote.

via Texarkana Texas
via Texarkana Texas

Speaking with Lisa Porterfield Thompson she said,

The council has the ultimate decision, but they have asked for me to gather public input to help them in their final decision. The painting has to be done, so the money will be spent regardless of what logo is chosen. The council does want the "Twice as Nice" motto to remain, and it will say "Texarkana, USA". The council will pick a final design in a regular council meeting before February, which is when the contractors will begin painting the outside of the tower.

If you feel strongly about it please feel free to email your council members, or come to their next meeting on Dec. 8, or Jan 12, 2014 and express your opinions on the paint scheme.


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