For some Texas men, shopping for Valentine's Day can be a difficult endeavor. Especially if that endeavor involves searching for sexy undergarments. It's natural for men to look odd or out of place when looking for that item in a store alone. So odd or out of place, some people who can't mind their own business will blow it out of proportion thinking a man is shopping for nefarious reasons. That's why I applaud this Longview woman's post in the All Things Longview Facebook group.

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Shopping for Valentine's Day

I am a dude. I have a girlfriend. Which means I will be shopping for a Valentine's Day present. That also means that I may or may not be going into a shop by myself to look at buying lingerie. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But yet, someone will see this as some kind of criminal act is being carried out.

That is the whole point of Laurie's post in the All Things Longview Facebook group:

Valentine’s is February 14th.
(Now this is to all you Karens and crazy folks.)
Men will be shopping by themselves at Victoria Secrets and in the lingerie sections in department stores. Some will look confused, some may be in old nasty work clothes or dressed real nice. PLEASE let these men shop in peace!! Do not automatically cast judgment on them and assume they are sex traffickers. You Karens did this to these poor men at Christmas time. Y’all have it so men do not want to shop for their wives or any females in their family. Heck, even grandmas asked for granny night gowns at Christmas time and y’all assumed that man was up to no good. So before you break out your phones and hit record, remember Valentine’s is coming up you might ruin a romantic night for couple on hard times or just needing that spark.

Thank you Laurie.

So many people needed to hear this. We see it every year around this time of someone calling out a man for looking weird shopping for Valentine's Day. Of course we look weird. We are searching for a very, very intimate piece of clothing for our significant others. It can even be a little bit embarrassing and very intimidating to do so for some men.

Don't Jump to Conclusions

So many people nowadays just can't mind their own business. Yes, sex trafficking is a very real, and very serious issue, in East Texas and all across the country. However, just because a grown man, looking very out of place, is looking for lingerie by himself, doesn't mean he is a sex trafficker.

Please follow Laurie's advice and let us be the hopeless romantics we think we are and let us shop for Valentine's Day in peace. Thank you.

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