We are a society obsessed with losing weight, but I think some people are going too far! I know losing weight is tough! The dieting, the exercising, only to get on the scale and say, “What? I did all that for three pounds!” It can be very discouraging, especially that last 5 to 10 pounds.

Enter the latest fad diet, the feeding tube. Yes, I said feeding tube! Known as The K-E Diet, it’s gaining popularity with brides-to-be that are trying their best to lose a few pounds before their big day. It has a big price tag too, around $1,500.

This is just creepy! The “dieter” has a tube inserted through their nose and down into their esophagus. They are then fed a liquid diet through that tube for up to ten days, losing as much as 20 pounds.

Would you do this? Check out the video below, then take our survey.

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