I am shocked by the news that men lie three times more than women do. That's not true... I did know that. I was lying. We've got the top lies that both men and women use.

According to results in a survey posted at The Daily Mail, the average man lies three times a day, and women only lie once. The survey also found that only 26% of men feel guilty about their lies, and 62% of women do.

Men and women both are more likely to lie to their boss, followed by family members, then spouse, and men are more likely to lie to their friends, than to a woman.

Here are the top lies...


  1. Yes I did it. (When they didn't.)
  2. No cell phone signal
  3. I am on my way now.
  4. I didn't see that you had called, or texted.
  5. I do not look at other women.


  1. I am fine or everything is okay.
  2. I am on my way
  3. It was on sale.
  4. You look really nice.
  5. I didn't have a cell phone signal.

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