A new survey is out highlighting the safest states in the United States to live in, Arkansas and Texas were not at the top of that list. In fact, we're much closer to the bottom.

The metrics used in this research make sense to us for the most part until we get to one, vaccinations. The people at WalletHub.com appear to put far too much weight (double) on that one thing that makes Arkansas look bad in the eyes of some folks, not Arkansans mind you, but some folks. After studying some of the COVID numbers from the New York Times charts, there is not a big difference to report, with about 1 death in every 400,000 population. Which is about the same as Michigan, Kentucky, and Delaware which all have much higher vaccination rates than Arkansas. While it may still be needed in the figures, it certainly should not be double-weighted in my opinion.


As for everything else, the numbers come from pretty reasonable sources, the categories are:

  • Personal and Residential Safety
  • Financial Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
Source: WalletHub

So, where do we fall in the Survey?

#47 Texas

Texas on wood - Canva
Texas on wood - Canva

#48: Arkansas

Arkansas on wood - Canva
Arkansas on wood - Canva

The rest of the bottom 5 are...

#46: Alabama

#49: Mississippi

#50: Louisianna

You could click on the WalletHub link and study the methodology for yourself or on second thought, if you're from here, you know that Texas and Arkansas are both great places to live, but do we really want everyone to know that? We could look at the positive side, maybe these reports will keep some of the riff-raff from moving down to our fair states.

Just a thought.

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