Texarkana and Bowie County officials met to discuss the recent damage from the winter storm last week. If you live in Bowie County be sure to assess the damage to your house especially any water leaks. There a lot of people that have experienced broken water pipes. The damage that can do to a house can get very expensive very quickly.

According to KTBS Texarkana officials said there are three options for applying for individual disaster assistance with FEMA: Online, through the FEMA app or by phone.

Chief Eric Schlotter, Emergency Management Coordinator also stated to check for water leaks:

We encourage everyone to check your house. These leaks can be subtle and hard to notice. One easy way to check for a leak is to turn off water in your house and check your water meter. If it's still spinning with everything off, there's a problem at your house


The video below goes into explaining the easiest way to look for leaks that were described above, but it also goes into how you might be able to narrow down to where the leak is. The video also goes into ways to check the ground outside your house for leaks in the waterline.

Also, remember If you have a sink or any big appliances that might be in the garage and connected to water and pipes might not be winterized, be sure to check the floor around the appliances for water.



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