The Museum of regional history presents the "Disney World Challenge" a great kids activity on Saturday at 2 PM.

Here is what the Texarkana Museum Systems had to say about this activity:

With the 50th anniversary of Disney World opening its doors to the public in 1971, they are celebrating by having your kids design their own theme park. Kids will be given specific tasks to complete for their park. The tasks include making sure there is more than one bathroom and there must be one water-themed ride and so on.

This is a great weekend activity, which is a series of fun kid-friendly events that the Texarkana Museum Systems has put together for everyone. Texarkana Museum System Members & kids 3 and under are free. Others are only $5.

Discovery Place Interactive Museum is a fun place to learn about the wonders of life. You can experience their sound wall and musical Tesla coils, and the Tinkering Studio. The Discovery Place Interactive Museum is located at 215 Pine Street in Texarkana.

The Museum Systems asks that you please register in advance. For more information call (903) 793 4831. Or email them at


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