Soon high school football will start and Texas High and Arkansas High will square off, but homeowners in both states already have. Have you heard of the Homeowner Happiness Index? Me neither, but that's because it's the first of its kind and Arkansas whipped Texas this year.

The survey, taken by Home Advisor, ranked all states and Arkansas came in at number 5 and Texas at 19. Oops.

Now, 18,000 homeowners across the nation were asked questions pertaining to practical commutes, access to attractions and services, their community and the safety of it. They also answered questions on their actual house including size, layout and comfort.

The top 5 were:

1. California

2. Washington

3. New Mexico

4. Colorado

5. Arkansas

The bottom  5:

46. Mississippi

47. Maryland

48. Indiana

49. New Jersey

50. Delaware

You can check out the whole list here.

The survey also ranked the happiest homeowners by city. The happiest city is San Francisco. Texas cities did good in the survey with four getting in the top 24.