The Discovery Place Interactive Museum presents 'Llama Friday Memo Boards' on Friday at 2 PM.

Here are the details from the Facebook page:

Join Velvet and Jamie as they take scraps and create colorful, useful memo boards!

This week's craft will require the following supplies and tools:
* 2 sheets corrugated cardboard
* marker
* craft knife or box cutter
* scissors (if you are a frequent crafter: you will need both your paper scissors and your fabric scissors!)
* Fabric (enough to cover the cardboard)
* glue
* heavy duty tape
* Ribbons
* other embellishments such as tassels or pom-poms
* tacks

Discovery Place Interactive Museum is a fun place to learn about the wonders of life. You can experience their sound wall and musical Tesla coils, and the Tinkering Studio. The Discovery Place Interactive Museum is located at 215 Pine Street in Texarkana.

The Museum Systems asks that you please register in advance. For more information call (903) 793 4831. Or email them at

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