Weird News

A weekend doesn't pass without a group of friends getting together for a little party. Nothing makes that party more fun than a drinking game or 2. So, here's a list of my favorite drinking games.
Here's What We Know
This is the second death from a package delivery this month in the area. UPDATE: Another package has exploded in Austin, injuring a woman in her 70s.
Our Poor Sickly Painman
Since my allergies have been terrible, I finally broke down and bought one of those scary nasal rinse kits. I'll be honest, it worked pretty dang well.
Anyone that owns a cat knows they are typically enamored by shiny objects. Christmas trees are typically full of shiny objects. So, when you combine the two, you'll eventually have a destroyed Christmas tree.
Rules of the Circle Game
The "Circle Game" is legendary among adolescent folklore and seems to have been given new life on social media. So let's discuss the rules of this awesome game that has no end.

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