I was a huge fan of the X-Files on Television but in real life? That might be just a little too creepy for me. This week a former employee with the Department of Defense says it could be for real. I mean really, real.

Who knew that when we were watching the X-Files every Sunday night (Yes, I even remember what night it was on) it would be only a few years later that our government would be protecting us by watching the skies for UFOs.

Check out the interview below. The real question in this whole entire story is...Do you believe? It's kinda creepy to think that aliens are already here and are in our society living among us. But haven't there always been those stories on the Twilight Zone and other T.V. shows?  Did they already know something that we didn't? Yikes. Take our poll at the bottom of the page and tell us what you think.

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