What would you do if you rented a house and then after only a week, realized the house was haunted? Well, you'd sue right? That's what a couple in New Jersey is doing.

US Today is reporting Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan left the house after only one week and are suing to get their $2,250 deposit back.

They claim they had to endure a series of "paranormal activity" at the house, including lights that switch on and off by themselves, clothes and towels mysteriously ejected from closets, unintelligible whispering, footsteps in the kitchen and a mysterious force tugging at bedsheets during the night.

The landlord claims they just can't pay the rent and want out of their lease.

Hey if weird things are going on, who can blame them? I don't think I'd want to stay in the house if  "something" was tugging at my sheets either! Take our survey below and tell us if you believe in the paranormal!

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