Ashdown Teacher/Coach Eric Cross received a grant from the Margaret Daniel Education Foundation for $954.72 in order to implement comfy/flex seating in his classroom.

Comfortable/flex seating includes options for students to choose from. They can select from couches, tables with chairs, bean bags, saucer chairs, butterfly chairs, rocking chairs, standing desks, seating of different heights, and the seating is able to be moved around the classroom.

According to Coach Cross, "With today's students, this form of seating is extremely successful. One, it allows students to feel empowered by being allowed to have some degree of choice and control over their learning environment."

Secondly, it is proven that a child's brain functions better when allowed to move. Flex seating allows students to rock, stand, swivel, etc. which increases oxygen flow to the brain. Third, students are more likely to pay attention when they are comfortable in their environment and lastly, flex seating is more easily moved and arranged for collaboration amongst students. I'm very excited about giving my students this flexibility and I'm even more excited about how it will enhance their learning.”

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