Arvest Bank recently had their annual "We Love Teachers" campaign in the Ashdown School District and several teachers were recognized for their hard work, dedication, to their students and the schools for which they work for.

Arvest Bank recently notified Madison Taylor a 6th-grade math teacher at Ashdown Junior High and Ginger Hillis, Ashdown High School Panther Theatre teacher that they were nominated and chosen for the annual Arvest Bank “We Love Teachers” Campaign.  Each teacher has received $500 to spend on classroom needs.

Madison Taylor, Ashdown Junior High
Ginger Hillis, Ashdown High School

According to an Arvest press release, “The campaign is designed to recognize - and provide support to - teachers throughout the Arvest footprint.  This year, Arvest is awarding a total of 157 $500 gifts to individual teachers throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.”

“Ms. Taylor and Mrs. Hillis love what they do and for them to be nominated and chosen shows they are in the right profession.  They love our students and work so hard each day to teach our students.  For them to be recognized by Arvest Bank is wonderful.  We are so thankful for the support that Arvest provides to our students and staff and Ashdown Public Schools."

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