Ashdown Junior High 7th Grade Math Teacher Tom Simmons applied and received one of four grants from the Arkansas Association of Middle-Level Education (AAMLE).  

According to a press release, the grant will provide math manipulatives and engaging resources that will help students develop a deep conceptual understanding of statistical analysis and geometric principles.   With the “hands-on” purposeful learning, students are more likely to retain the information.  Students in grades 6-8 will have access to these resources in all of their math classes.  As one of the recipients of the AAMLE grant, Mr. Simmons will have the opportunity to share the success from this grant with other middle-level teachers from across the state at the 2021 AAMLE Spring Conference as a presenter.

According to AJHS Principal Felicia Horn, "AJHS is very proud of Mr. Simmons for serving as a strong teacher/leader and continuing to improve the quality of math instruction for our students."

Mr. Simmons is joining the staff at AJHS this year but brings a wealth of teaching experience.  Mr. Simmons said, “I’m really looking forward to the upcoming school year and getting to work with the team at AJHS! This grant will provide even more opportunities for students to learn mathematics through entertaining explorations.”

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