Hallelujah!  That's what I said when I saw the results of this study, (I had to google how to spell it).  The people at Match.com did a study, and found some bad traits in men, that just might make them great husbands.

From the article posted at Match.com, here are three bad traits in men, that "might" make them good husbands...

1.  NERDY -- (Not 15 minutes ago my wife called me a nerd, and I realized as I was writing this blog, I am writing a blog, so she could be right).  According to the research, nerdy, geeky guys make good husbands.  One study that was published in Frontiers in Psychology said that these guys were more likely to be faithful because they are socially awkward.  (In all fairness, this study was done by nerdy, socially awkward researchers.)

2. A LITTLE OVERWEIGHT -- (Remember, this is science.) Men with a little more body fat produce more estradiol, a sex hormone that helps them last longer. (Don't blame me skinny guys, it's science.)

3. HE'S MESSY -- (Again, this is science.)  Messy people are more imaginative, creative, and more productive.  (Then again, they could just be lazy, and not help with household chores, but I can't argue with science.)

So there you have it, and that's just a few that were listed.  Read more about it at Match.com.

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