Who knew that an egg could say so much about you? In a recent study, researchers asked over 1,000 people about certain personality traits they have and the way they like their eggs cooked.

Turns out they found a correlation between the way you like your eggs and your personality. Who thinks these "studies" up?

Here is what they found out:

Poached: Outgoing/ happier than most

Boiled: Disorganized/ run the greatest risk of getting divorced

Fried: Have a high sex drive/ skilled working class

Scrambled: Guarded/ favored by those without children

Omelettes: Self disciplined

The study goes on to say:

Boiled egg eaters are more likely to be careless and impulsive while scrambled egg eaters are more likely to have a senior-level job and to own their own home.

So, how do you like your eggs? Does it go with the personality traits above?

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