Getting a job is tough. Getting to it can be even tougher.

A new report by the US Census Bureau has found that 8% of full-time employees, that’s 11 million people endure commutes of at least 60 minutes and that 600,000 folks with full-time jobs suffer through what is termed a “supercommute” that lasts at least 90 minutes and covers a minimum of 50 miles. Here’s hoping you’ve charged your smartphone before leaving the house.

The supercommutes can mostly be found in regions with a large city, particularly New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans.Nearly a quarter of people who commute at least an hour use public transit, while 61% of those with a 60-minute trek to work drive to their jobs by themselves. Where are you most likely to find people who have to commute at least an hour to work? New York. Sixteen percent of people who live there suffer through the long trip, followed by residents of New Jersey and Maryland, each of which claims 15%.

As far as overall commuting, 80% drive to their jobs, while 10% carpool and 5% either use mass transit or ride a bike. The average commute for a person with a full-time job was 25.5 minutes each way.

Perhaps the luckiest few are the 4% of respondents who work from home. The five-foot commute rarely features much traffic, after all.

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