I for one am glad to see it…  Kurt Busch is unemployed!  I posted the video of him acting a fool at the season finale in Homestead, and was just disgusted by the way he treated Dr. Jerry Punch.  Turns out Roger Penske was pretty upset by it too, and cut Kurt Busch loose after 6 years with the team.

The 33 year old Busch did it to himself.  We met him in his rookie year, and in my opinion he has a had a piss poor attitude his entire career, and from NASCAR insiders that I talk with regularly, I don’t know how he’s kept a ride this long.  Although, he is a part of one of my most favorite NASCAR memories… the one where Jimmy Spencer punched him in the mouth in 2003.

Here’s the video of what went down in Homestead… (beware foul language.)

After his little hissy fit, Team Penske issued an apology for Busch’s behavior, NASCAR fined the former driver $50,000, and on Thursday Busch announced that he was seeking counseling to deal with anger issues, but it’s too little too late.  They let him go even though he was still under contract thru the 2012 season.

NASCAR.com has a lot more on the story here.

Busch has recently had relationship trouble as well.  His wife Eva filed for divorce in June, (the ladies will love this), and Busch started showing up at events with his new girlfriend Patrica Driscoll within days, during that same month…